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Lenten Recollection

Lenten Recollection

28th February, 1st March 2009

Loyola Retreat House, Pune.

Members of the Teresian Association, Pre ACIT, Members of Teresian Niwas (Hostel) and Members of the Formation Group in St. Francis Xavier's Church Chinchwad, came together for a two day recollection on the first weekend in Lent.

On the 28th evening, the participants, embarked on a 'Walk with Jesus'. In the first station, the experience of the last supper and washing of the discpiles feet was relived with the participants washing each other's feet. In the second, before the cross in the chapel, the members were led into a session of forgiveness for the things they held against themselves and others. From, here the retreat makers, wrote a letter of love, acknowledgement and gratitude to people they loved, in the third station. In the final station, amidst a dark night, on the terrace, they received the light and committed to being the light, aligned with the diocesan vision.
Later that night, after dinner, they spent time in silence and meditation, interspersed with Taize chants.
On the 1st morning, the group came together with prayer to start the day. Fr. Altrichter (SJ) then lead the participants into a session where he emphasized the importance of saying 'Yes' to the will of God, inspired by Mary. He also delved on the significance of spending time of silence in our daily lives, in union with God.
Soon, in small groups, the members deepened in various texts on 'Living Crucifixes' and presented their thoughts later to the larger meeting. A meaningful celebration of the Eucharist preceded lunch.
In the afternoon, the group read the Letter of the Pope for Lent and saw a powerpoint on the various implications of fasting. They also read the letter of Loreto Ballester, President of the Association. The group resolved to spend less on themselves through Lent and contribute the same to specific cause.
A meaningful and Spirit filled begining to this season of 'repenting and returning.'

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